Our focus is clear -- we work to improve communities and individuals through justice system policy reform.  Our tools are research and data.  Using an approach that connects research and academics to system stakeholders and legislators, we effect change that improves public safety while lowering taxpayer burden.

Justice Initiative Institute is Wisconsin's only nonpartisan justice system policy organization.



Our in house staff collaborate with a broad team of subject matter experts to ensure that we are always aware of the latest developments in justice system research, planned legislative action, and community public safety issues.  Our Board of Directors and Executive Management Team work closely with system stakeholders, legislators, service providers, and community members through facilitated project advisory boards to set the agency's direction and ongoing initiatives.  


We rely on our project advisory boards to set the agency's position on any given justice system policy issue.  

Significant policy recommendations and novel research efforts are published periodically.  JII utilizes an array of social media to get key policy information into the hands of those who can effect or support change.

Justice Initiatives Institute is a registered lobbying organization for the purpose of working to influence legislation that advances the collective interest of our project advisory boards.