Current Projects

Identifying the best use for Justice Reinvestment in Wisconsin

With generous support from the Public Welfare Foundation and the Argosy Foundation, Justice Initiatives Institute has recruited stakeholders and policy makers from around the State of Wisconsin to work on issues related to bringing Justice Reinvestment to Wisconsin.

Immediate project goals are to identify gaps in local research on the likely impact of various Justice Reinvestment strategies within the state.  Justice Initiative Institute is working to connect our broad network of national subject matter experts and researchers to tailor a Justice Reinvestment strategy that best meets the goals and unique needs of Wisconsin.

Improving Community Outcomes Through Wisconsin's Municipal Courts

Throughout 2014, Justice Initiatives Institute worked with researchers and stakeholders to evaluate the impact that unpaid non-traffic municipal citations has on Milwaukee taxpayers.  After publishing a report of their findings, JII staff are working with a broad Project Advisory Group consisting of stakeholders, legislators, and community groups/members to determine what policy changes can be made to improve the effectiveness of Wisconsin's municipal courts through reductions in repeated incarceration for failure to appear or address indigency issues with the court while ensuring that accountability is maintained.